7 Best privacy-focused Alternative of Google search engine

Alternative search engine to Google

Google is the most popular search engine in the world but there are several other search engines that you can try in 2021. 

As privacy is very important more and more users are switching to other search engines. Google has once more than 92 percent of the Market share in search engine space. 

According to the latest report published by Statista, Google has now 88.14 percent followed by Bing accounted for a 6.18 percent market share in the world. 

Several new Search Engines like DuckDuckGo, Ecosia are evolving and want to enter into the competition of the search engine market. 

Recently Tor Browse which is the world’s most secure browser added DuckDuckGo as its default search engine. 

So, DuckDuckGo surpasses 100 million daily search queries for the first time.  You can check the official tweet of Tor Browser here. 

DuckDuckGo surpasses 100 million daily search queries


On the other hand, Ecosia is a search engine based in Berlin, Germany, that donates 80% or more of its profits to nonprofit organizations that focus on reforestation and planting trees. 

The user experience of Ecosia is similar to Google and Bing and it is improving day by day. 

There are seven other Search engines that you can use as an alternative to Google in 20121. So, let’s discuss it one by one. 

List of the Best alternative to Google search engine. 

#1: Microsoft Bing

Bing has evolved and improved over the period of time and now it is showing features like a snippet, translate, image search, voice search, knowledge graphs, and local search features


Microsoft Bing: Alternative of Google

 The user interface of Bing is quite similar to Google and it provides search results based on advanced machine learning and user interaction on the website. 

Bing also provides Sections like People also ask, Related searches, Video results, and more.

Overall Bing is a real competitor of Google and currently acquires 7 percent of the US search market. It also runs a “rewards program” in specific countries for users who use Bing search Engines. These rewards can be redeemable in Microsoft products in the Windows store. 

The Graphical user interface [GUI] of Bing Image search is better than Google. It uses object-detection intelligence within the image search function. 

Now Bing updated its new Microsoft Edge browser with inbuilt Adblock, Read Aloud, Cross-platform synchronization, and lots of Extension support. Overall Bing is a Good Search Engine that you can try in 2021. 

#2: DuckDuckGo

The second most popular and privacy-focused search engine on the list is DuckDuckGo. It started in 2008 by Gabriel Weinberg and now it has crossed the 100 million daily search queries per day. 

DuckDuckGo: Alternative of Google

It now holds 1.27% of the mobile search market in the US. This number is increasing significantly due to its privacy-focused approach. 

DuckDuckGo has its browser extension on both chrome and firefox along with their dedicated software on windows, Android, and iOS devices. In fact, DuckDuckGo is the default search engine in Tor Browser

It blocks all the third-party trackers including Facebook, Google and Bing used by popular websites across the Globe. It also helps you stay more anonymous even in the normal searches you make than in private mode or Bing or Incognito mode of Google. 

If you are concerned about your privacy in search then you should switch to the DuckDuckGo browser or change your default search engine in your current Browser. 

#3 Search Encrypt

Search Encrypt is another privacy-focused search engine that you can use. The search experience is very much similar to Google but it blocks all trackers used by different websites and keeps you anonymous.  

It uses two types of encryption technology that are “Secure Sockets Layer encryption and AES-256 encryption”.

However, it does store search history for 30 minutes whereas Google stores your search history forever even if you delete it from your google account. 

The search term and history will expire after 30 minutes, so your privacy will keep intact even if someone accesses your computer locally. 

#4 Ecosia

Ecosia is an environment-friendly search engine that is growing its popularity for its unique concept along with a privacy-focused approach. 


When someone searches for 100 queries using Ecosia, they will plant a tree. They used the revenue generated from search engines for the charity and to save the environment by planting trees. 

It uses Bing-powered search, so don’t worry about the search experience. It also shows featured snippets, videos, and images in search results. 

#5 Twitter

Twitter also works as a search engine as most of the latest news and updates come in Twitter first and Later on indexed on other search engines. 

You can search your keyword on Twitter and it will show the latest tweets & news around it. 

#6 Pinterest

Pinterest is an image-based search engine that is getting popular for its unique approach. 


Pinterest: image-based search engine

Do you know? Pinterest has 442 million monthly active users, according to a recent report by Statista

Pinterest Is the third Biggest Social Network in the U.S. The popularity of Image-based search is increasing. So, just check out Pinterest for your search. 

#7: StartPage

Startpage is also a Privacy-focused search engine and it pulls its content from Google and blocks the tracking functionality. 


It also provides a better user experience in the search along with safety. Startpage doesn’t track your IP Address & doesn’t serve tracking cookies

Startpage is a Netherland-based search engine, complies with the GDPR—an EU regulation that protects users’ data.

Final thoughts

Google may be the most popular and widely used search engine now but many alternative search engines now providing better search experience in some cases. 

If you are concerned about your data then you have plenty of options to experiment with. 

Also, let me know what is your favorite Search engine in the comment section and do share with your friends and let them know that they have more options to choose from when it comes to Search. 👍

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  1. Hi Abhishek,

    Nice list brother.

    Duck Duck Go continues to make inroads I see. In the USA, folks are using it more on a political level, to say NO to Google. Neat to see it grow.

    Signing off from the beach in Panama.


  2. Yes, DuckDuckGo is my favourite search engine when it comes to privacy and Google is still no 1 in providing better user experience.

    But the featured snippet and over monetized is a threat to site owners. 😀
    No search click rate is gone above 50 percent.

  3. I am definitely seeing this bro. Google is great for UX and getting what you clearly need but as bloggers, we see the direction Google moves in with plenty of ad placements, aka, the over monetizing you are talking about.