Is the thop tv app safe to use or not? : Complete review of thop tv App.

Thop tv review

What is the thop tv app?

Thop tv is an online streaming app where you can watch all types of video content from different platforms like jio tv, airtel tv, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Voot, Hotstar, and other streaming platforms absolutely free. Read the post till the end for the complete Thop tv app review with proofs.

Note: we don’t promote or recommend this App. This post is all about thoptv review and fair for educational purposes and doesn’t violets any copyright infringement.

It is an IPTV and CDN based service that allows you to stream live TV channels through its IPTV and its CDN(Content Delivery Network) to allow you to stream movies and web series in the quality and format you require to watch.

Advantages vs disadvantages:


  • You don’t need to pay for any type of content but to download you need to upgrade to the premium version.
  • You can also watch the premium content of Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hotstar for free.
  • It has more than 3000+ live streaming channels. 
  • It also doesn’t ask for any type of signup to view content only, for download you have to log in to this app.


  • It is not legal and may shut down any time by Government for Copyright violations.
  • Shows lots of Ads these days.
  • Frequent crashes and lots of bugs
  • Security is very low and contains trojan horse and other malicious code
  • Take unnecessary permissions.

Is the thop tv safe?

No, Thop tv is not 100% secure
, there are certain security and privacy issues that you have to compromise on. Thop tv asks you for unnecessary permission like contact, location, camera, and accessibility permissions.

This App is not on the play store simply because of these loopholes and unnecessary permission. This app also runs illegally without any proper license

As you can expect nothing is free in this world, you have to pay the price for that. Here in the case, you are compromising with your privacy.

I personally used this app for about 6 months to watch live cricket matches. But I have to uninstall the app when it asks for accessibility permission.

If you give accessibility permission to any app without reading its terms and conditions then the app can have full access to your device.

For a little gain from the app, you will end up losing your valuable private data.

If you open the app you will find no privacy policy or disclaimer page, term, and conditions page in it. There is no transparency in it.

You can check the apk file if it contains any type of malicious code in it. Just go to the virus total website and upload the thop tv apk. [Download link of Thop tv app]

Here the website checks the file with different antivirus software and shows the result.

Is thop tv app is safe or not? Techyleaf review

As you can see it contains Adware, a trojan horse, and other malicious code.

You can see more about PUA.Androidos.jiagu, which is a dangerous malicious code found in the Thop tv app. So there is five unwanted code detected in the APK file of Thop tv app. You can also read about the trojan horse below.

What is a trojan horse?

In computing, a Trojan horse or trojan is a malware that misleads users of its true intent.

Trojans may allow an attacker to access users’ personal information such as banking information, passwords, or personal identity.

It can also delete a user’s files or infect other devices connected to the network. Ransomware attacks are often carried out using a trojan. (Source- Wikipedia)

In my opinion, you better stay away from this App Unless and until you need it most, and you don’t worry about your privacy. (use it in secondary devices) 

If you think about manually disable all the permission then you are wrong because you won’t be able to watch any content without giving accessibility permission.

In some cases, you need a VPN (virtual private network) connection to watch the content. Several telecom operators block this gateway which you have to bypass by using a VPN connection.

I recommend you to use the genuine apps available on the play store. If you have any secondary device where no private data is stored then you are good to go with any third-party apps like thop tv. 

Is there any alternative to thop tv is available?

Yes, there are several alternatives to thop tv such as couchtuner which is a movie streaming website.

The names of similar apps like thop tv app are given below, make sure to use these apps at your own risk.

Some similar apps like thop tv

  1. Show Box (Available on play store)
  2. Tea Tv
  3. playbox HD
  4. megaboxHDc
  5. Cyber Flix tv

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. Is ThopTV illegal?

No, thop tv app is not legal and hence they’re not available for download at the official Google Play store. you can install it by simply google search for the apk files. You can download it to any of your android devices at your own risk.

2. Does THOP TV have Netflix?

Yes, you can find Netflix content on thop tv. This app also has an integrated Hotstar, Netflix, Zee, Amazon prime content on it. So you can watch all the premium tv shows, originals, movies, and also the live channels for free using this app.

3. How do I block ads on ThopTV?

You can’t block ads on this app because this app is based on the advertisement model. it may sometime stop ads for a limited time on special occasions.

4. Is Thop tv available for iOS?

As the Thop tv app is not legal and contains several security issues, you will not find it on the iOS platform. As you know you can not site load any apps other than the Apple store.

5. Is the Thop tv app available for MI tv, Smart tv, and Windows?

yes, thop tv app is also available for MI tv, Android smart tv, and windows. But I don’t recommend using it on your windows and smartphones. You can use it on your mi tv box by site loading the apk file.

You can check the safety of thop tv for pc yourself.


Many of us are always searching for free alternatives like cracked software, piracy content but you need to remember that these free tools don’t have security and your private data may be compromised. That’s why the Thop tv app is not safe. Better, you should invest some money on legitimate platforms and protect your privacy

Moreover, thop tv is asking to take premium membership to download its content. So it is better to invest that money on Netflix or Amazon prime or you can download movies from telegram without any worries.

Always use these types of apps and software on your secondary device and don’t give any personal information on it. 

If you find this blog helpful then feel free to share it with your friends and if you need any technical support ask in the comments section. You can join us on telegram for more info.

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  1. They can use your location to show personalized ads and other purposes.
    Stay away from such apps.

  2. Now present version thoptv is worst last version was better, in this version what ever I want to see it just show source down nothing it waste of using thop tv wast of data and time one or two shows may be source down I can understand but every thing what I want to see I source down u can't see , it worst app.