How to start drop servicing business in India in 2022 (Updated)

Do you want to start a profitable business? Then, Drop-servicing
Business is the best option for you. So, let’s read a detailed study on how you
can start your own Drop Servicing Business?

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What is Drop Servicing Business?

Drop Servicing
is a business model in which you book a client who needs service and then you assign that work to a third party or
earn a good commission from the entire process.

For example
, your client needs an e-commerce website. So, you
charge him 200$, and then you gave the work to a third party or your friends who
have the knowledge of building a website. You pay him 150$ for the work and make
a profit of 50$ as commission. Then you hand over the work to your client. 

How to start drop servicing business in India in 2020; complete guide

Here you have to manage things like acquiring a client and giving
the work to a third party and earning the commission.

Dropshipping vs Drop Servicing

Drop Servicing is
one of the most profitable businesses that come from the Drop-shipping Business Model where you deal in products.

The only difference between Drop-shipping and Drop
is that in Drop-shipping you deal in products, but In Drop
Servicing you deal in Service.

Another great benefit of Drop servicing is that you don’t
need a huge amount of investment, the only thing you need is good sales skills.
The earning potential of Drop-servicing depends on how many clients you get
each month.

Some drop-servicing business ideas you can apply

If you want to start a drop-servicing business but don’t know
which is most profitable and in which sector you are capable. Here we will
discuss the top 5 drop-servicing business ideas.

Top 5 services for Drop Servicing Business. 

Web development

You can start a website development business if you have basic
ideas about what is a website and what is the requirement in it. It is one of
the most profitable businesses nowadays. Many organizations and individuals want
to build a website for their business.

web Development drop servicing business

So, there is huge potential in website development. You need
to hire some professionals to build a website for your client. 

Content writing

Content writing now becomes necessary for businesses that
want to market their business online. You can write or hire a content writer to
create unique content for your client. In this business, you have to deliver a better and unique piece of writing for your client. So be cautious about hiring good
content writers.

content writing in drop servicing business

Because if you deliver a good quality of content then you get recurring
work from the same organization and grow your business rapidly. This is also one of
the best drop-servicing businesses you can start.

Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing is another most profitable drop service that you can offer to your clients. In Graphic Design you can provide a wide range of services such as Social media Posts, Logo Design, Brochure Design, and Banner ad design, custom graphics, etc.

Social media marketing

In social media marketing, you can run an ad for your client on
social media and you get some commission for that. There is also another way of
social media marketing where you can write social media posts for your client. The second one is more profitable as it generates organic traffic for your client.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is basically the procedure to rank in search results in different search engines like Google, Bing, YouTube,
Yahoo, etc. many organizations want to generate organic traffic on their sites from search results.

So you can provide SEO services like Content Optimization,
website management, link building, and other off-page SEO services. 

Video editing

Now most people like to watch videos instead of reading a long article. With the growing popularity of YouTube, TikTok, Instagram reels, most brands are now entering the video marketing space. So, there is a huge opportunity in this space where you can edit videos for your client and earn a lot of money for living. 
You can deliver the video editing services to your client and you can hire some editor who can do the job and you can manage the work and get the commission from it. Your work is to get the client and assign that work to your editors and then deliver the final work to the client. 
In this way you can scale your online drop servicing bossiness in India. 

Check out this video about what is the Best Niche For drop servicing.

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How to start a drop-servicing business.

1. Choose a service

The first thing you need to do is select a suitable service
that you want to offer your customer. Don’t select a service that you don’t have
basic knowledge of it or by looking at its profitability.

Select that service in which you have basic knowledge because
if you understand a service then you will be able to deliver better service to
your customer and get more clients.

So, the first thing you have to do is select a suitable service
that you can deliver to your client. Always remember the customer is king. If you
provide the necessary requirement with the efficiency you will get more work and
more clients in the future.

2. Choose where you can outsource your work

You have to build a chain where you can outsource your
client’s work efficiently. You can hire professionals from different
freelancing sites like Upwork, fiver,, or any other freelancing

out source work in drop servicing business

For example, if you want to provide a website development service to your client, then you can choose and search for
freelancers and outsource your work. You can also outsource your work to your friend circle.

There is a common mistake that people make when they outsource their work: they only look at price because if you pay less you generate more commissions but you forget about the quality. But you need to remember that if you do not provide quality work to your client then you will not get work from those clients again. In the service industry, most service businesses work on a recurring basis.

So, you have to deliver quality work consistently if you
won’t deliver quality work to your client you will lose your client. So before
hiring anyone for outsourcing any third party always look at their past records
or review.

3. You need to build a source for getting clients

, you need a good source where you can find clients
on regular basis. You need to tie up with some organizations or agencies where you
get clients or you can create your own channel for that.

You can run ads on different platforms or you can find
clients manually through referring channels.

You can create your own website and take orders from your
clients online. You don’t need to tell your customers that you outsource your

Here is the list of possible ways where you can get clients.

  1. Google Ads
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Cold calling
  4. Cold Email
  5. Linked-in Direct Reach
  6. Instagram Dm
  7. Facebook Group
  8. Facebook Ads
  9. Search Engine Optimization
  10. Family, friends or Existing Network

Future of Drop Servicing in India.

Drop servicing business is a profitable business in India. You can sell a product or service without having a website. It is also less risky and more profitable. You don’t need to worry about returns or refunds in this business. 

There is a vast opportunity to drop the servicing business in India.  You will get potential customers online easily who want to outsource their work at an affordable price.

You can charge different types of pricing models like One-time payments, Weekly payments, or monthly payments. If you deliver the service properly then you have the chance to get recurring payments from old clients.

If you want to Set up your website in Blogger, or WordPress and move your business online then you can contact us. we will provide all types of web development, Graphics design at an affordable price. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Who can Start a Drop Servicing Business?

Anyone can start Drop Servicing Business. There is no big
investment required in this field.

Q2. What Skill we need for Drop Servicing Business?

The minimum skill that you need for Drop Servicing Business is
Sales and Marketing.

Q3. How much we can earn from Drop-Servicing Business?

Your earning is totally dependent on how many clients you
get. The more clients you will get, the more you will earn. There are no
limitations of earning in the drop-servicing business.

Q4. How much Investment do I need for Drop Servicing

The need for investment is depending on your way of
marketing and advertising your business. There are a lot of free and paid ways
to market your business.

It depends on which method you choose to market your
business and how much budget you want to spend on Marketing your business.

Q5. Is drop servicing profitable in India?

Yes, the Drop servicing business is profitable in India. You can easily start the drop servicing without investing much in it. 

Q6. How do I get clients for Dropservicing?

You can get clients for your drop servicing business in various ways like Fiverr, Upwork, Email Outreach, Linkedin Message. You can also run Google ads or Facebook ads to get clients faster. 

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