How to add stylish floating share buttons to Blogger website? [Free tools]

How to add stylish floating share buttons to Blogger website? [Free tools]

 Most of the modern Blogger templates comes with beautiful inline share buttons but it doesn’t have floating share buttons. So, in this article, I will share you with the best free tools that provide fully customized floating share buttons. 

You can also use this tool to collect Emails, show custom popups, and Link promotion, and more. It also doesn’t slow your theme that much as it has an option to delay the popups. 

So, let’s start the guide on how to set the floating share button to Blogger with custom styling and effects.

Steps to Add a Floating share button to Blogger

#1: First of all, Go to the website and create a free account there. 

#2: You can create an account with Google, Facebook, or an Email. 

Add this dashboard for floating share buttons in Blogger

#3: Select Share buttons and choose Floating share buttons and click on continue. 

Floating share buttons

#4: Now select the service do you want to add and customize the buttons. 

select floating share buttons

#5: Click on Activate tool and it will generate a code for you. 

#6: Now paste the code just above the </body> tag of your theme editor and this is done. 

code for floating share button in Blogger

Customize the Floating share button

To customize further click on the tools icon at the top of your dashboard and select the Floating option. Now switch to the design tab and here you will see an option to change the icon size, icon color& background color. 

Now switch to the Share Counters tab and select the option to show total share count or individual share count. 

Now in the position tab, you have the flexibility to choose the floating share buttons position, custom breakpoints, and hide on the mobile device or not. 

This tool is completely mobile responsive and changes according to the screen size of the device. 

After changing the style simply press the update tool button and it will automatically apply to the website. You don’t need to change anything on the code. 

Similarly, you can dynamically add other tools available on the Addthis website. 


You can use this free tool to attract and encourage your readers to share your content on social media. It helps you easily add a floating share button on Blogger for free. 

In the next tool, we will discuss how to start an email marketing campaign with this tool and connect it with Mailchimp to automate Email to your reader. 

I hope you like this short guide on the floating share button in Blogger. Don’t forget to share this on social media platforms. Thank you. 

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