How to add responsive HTML table in Blogger.

 Are you still struggling to add a responsive HTML table to your Blogger blog post?

In this article, I will share you with the easiest way to insert a responsive HTML table to your blogger website without using any javascript. 

How to add responsive HTML table in Blogger

You just need a simple HTML table generator that will help you generate the code required to create the table. 

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I have seen multiple tutorials on the internet that shows how to add a table in blogger, but they are not responsive and the design is outdated. 

That's why I prepared this article to guide you on how to insert a responsive and beautifully designed HTML table into the blogger using an online table generator. 

You can also set the background color, set different fonts, animated hover effect, and more. So, let's start. 

How to create a responsive table in Blogger?

You can easily create a stylish and responsive table and add it to the blogger [Blogspot] blog post by following this guide.

STEP-1: Open HTML Table Generator website. 
STEP-2: Now select Table color, text color & border color.
STEP-3: Now select Header color and select the option like the striped table, Hover color.

how to insert responsive table in blogger

STEP-4: Now select the number of rows & columns and fill the content in the table. 
STEP-5: Then copy the HTML code and paste it on the HTML view section of the Blogger blog post.

html table generator for blogger

Now your responsive table is ready on your blogger blog post. In this way, you can create the table using only HTML and inline CSS code. 

It loads super fast and doesn't affect your website's overall speed. On the other hand, jquery based table request data to the server and may create a little delay in loading. 

Here is a sample Table added below. 

Test Heading 1 Test Heading 2 Test Heading 3
row1 col 1 row1 col 2 row1 col 3
row2 col 1 row2 col 2 row2 col 3
row3 col 1 row3 col 2 row3 col 3
row4 col 1 row4 col 2 row4 col 3
row5 col 1 row5 col 2 row5 col 3

Video Guide

Here, you can watch the Updated Tutorial on Responsive HTML table in Blogger. 

Advanced HTML CSS Responsive Table Generator

In this advanced Responsive HTML table generator, you have more flexibility on how the table looks like. Here you can customize cell padding, cell color, text color for desktop and mobiles. 

You can also use this tool to generate a pricing table for your blogger website. 

You can also merge two-row or two-column within the table. By using HTML Table Generator with Colspan and Rowspan, we can add two or more columns under one header in the same HTML table.

Here is a preview image of this table. 

But most of the time we need the simple HTML & CSS table for Blogger. You can also remove the hover effect by unticking the option in the tool. 


This is the simplest HTML table generator for Blogger that I found online and works perfectly fine. It is also super responsive on all types of devices. I use this method to add the table in my blogger post. 

I hope you like this method. What is your thought about this HTML table, let me know in the comment section. Also, don't forget to share this with your friends on social media.