How to Remove or Delete locked Blogger widget Easily?

Remove Locked Widgets in Blogger

 Do you want to remove an unwanted widget from your blogger website but it is locked by the theme developer?

Here, in this article, I will show you how you can easily unlock and remove the locked blogger widgets. 

Follow the tutorials carefully as it is a bit technical and if you do anything wrong, it can break your site visually or stop functioning some widgets. 

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Before proceeding further make sure to take a backup of your Blogger theme, so that you can easily restore it back to its original by uploading the backup file. 

How to take backup blogger theme

Now Go to the Layout section and search for the locked widget that you want to remove. 

Here in the Below Image, I have shown how to identify the locked and unlocked widget in Blogger. Those widgets which allow you to remove it completely is the unlocked widget. 

Identify locked widget in blogger

Here, in the above image, the copyright section is unlocked whereas the link list section is locked. 

So, to unlock this you have to edit the code in the theme editor. 

How to unlock the locked widget in Blogger?

To remove the locked widget in Blogger, you have to first unlock the widget. 

Go to the theme section and there click on the “Edit HTML” section. 

Now search for the Footer menu in the HTML code or use the widget finder tool inside the editor as shown in the below video. 

unlock a locked widget in blogger using the theme editor

Here in the HTML code, you will find a code like locked=’true’ and you have to change it from true to false. 

Now save your theme code and come back to the layout section. Now you can see the remove icon in the widget setting. 

In this way, you can remove any locked widget from your blogger theme. 

In the above video, I have explained how to identify the HTML code and find it in the theme editor. Here, I have demonstrated how to remove a locked widget like the “Hero section” from a blogger website. 

If you have trouble finding the code you can also take the help of inspect element feature in the browser and copy the class or id of the widget element. 

So, here in my case, the code will look like this. <div id=”hero-wrapper”> . So to remove the hero section widget in Blogger, I will search the code in the theme editor. 

Remove locked widget in blogger (hero section)

Here note that the code is written in a single quote so, change it from a double quote to a single quote to find it easily. 

So, here all you need to do is to change the true to false and the locked widget is unlocked in your blogger template. And now you can easily remove the widget from your website. 

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