How to fix ads.txt file issues for Blogger

Are you getting the ads.txt error in the Adsense dashboard? In this article, You will learn how to fix the ads.txt issue in Blogger in simple steps. 

How to fix ads.txt file issues for Blogger

What is Ads.txt?

Authorized Digital Sellers or ads.txt is a text file that is present in the root directory of your website and it ensures that your digital ad inventory is only sold through sellers (such as AdSense). 

Adding an ads.txt file allows you to control who's allowed to sell ads on your site and helps prevent counterfeit inventory from being presented to advertisers. 

In this way, you can maximize your ad revenue and the chances of getting counterfeit inventory decrease. 

How to Add an Ads.txt file to the Blogger website?

To add an ads.txt file is quite easy in Blogger. 

  • Just Login to your Adsense dashboard and download the ads.txt file. 
  • Now Open the file and copy all code and login into the Blogger dashboard. 
  • Now in the settings > Monetization, you will see the option to  Enable custom ads.txt option. 
  • Here paste the copied code and save it. Now ads.txt file is added to your blogger website. 
How to fix ads.txt file issues for Blogger

Here, note that the ads.txt notice in Adsense still show as it takes some days or week to remove that warning notice. If your site doesn't make many ad requests it may take up to a month.

How do I cross-check if the ads.txt is added to your blogger website?

You can easily check if the ads.txt is added properly or not. Just open the homepage of your website and in the URL bar type ads.txt after the home URL (Like and hit enter. Now you will see the same code that you have pasted in the settings.

If the code is the same then the ads.txt problem in blogger is fixed now.


I hope you have successfully fixed the ads.txt file to your blogger website. If you still have any doubts then you can ask me in the comment section. You can also take the help of an ads.txt troubleshooter