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Techyleaf is a blog on topics like Blogger tips and tricks, Latest themes and plugins, content marketing, SEO, News, web hosting, how-to, and many more.

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Continuing the efforts to provide the best content, we are going to focus on topics that are current and have some definite information.

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  • Basic & advanced Blogger, WordPress, SEO, and Social media marketing techniques.
  • Free and premium templates for Blogger Website.
  • Technology and innovation News and case study.
  • Digital marketing tips for bloggers, freelancers & Small businesses.

Hello there. I am Abhishek Padhi, an Indian digital entrepreneur and Founder of Key2blogging.com. With a handful of years of practice and experiment, I currently share top-notch information related to Blogging, SEO, etc. If you want to start a blog easily and create a fortune out of it, then you will love Techyleaf

I have been doing Blogging since 2019 and I have also a YouTube channel called "key2Blogging". Here, I make tutorial videos related to Blogger, Wordpress, and SEO. 

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