Why MilesWeb is the Best Choice for Dedicated Hosting: A Comprehensive Review

MilesWeb The Best Dedicated Hosting Provider

If you want to establish a business or create a website, you must choose the correct hosting package.

You may select from various hosting plans, each with its own set of abilities and features.

Successful online companies prefer dedicated server hosting because it manages a high traffic volume while providing improved accessibility and uptime. Is dedicated server hosting the right choice for your site? 

Generally, you’ll get 2 types of dedicated servers – Linux & windows dedicated server India.

About dedicated server hosting

Dedicated server hosting enables a user to have his server. You get to use all the resources and hardware of the server you are buying. With dedicated server hosting, you can install the applications and software you wish. Also, dedicated servers give you the liberty to equip the hardware that your website needs.

A dedicated server hosting environment is a single hosting environment exclusively dedicated to the website of a single customer.

Dedicated hosting is the best choice if you want to lease a server for your use and have complete control over its resources.

In dedicated hosting, you have total control over the server’s hardware, including RAM, hard disc, and processor. Because the whole server resources are allocated to your site, it is more expensive than any other hosting package.

For your website to run successfully, you’ll also need to select a system administrator who is well-versed in the intricacies of managing a dedicated server.

Are you confused about whether dedicated server hosting is the best option for you?

Here are some cases when dedicated server hosting may be the best option for your website:
Your website is rapidly gaining popularity in your niche, and you anticipate that it will soon outgrow your current hosting subscription.

You’ll need more bandwidth because you’ll be hosting large files that will consume a lot of bandwidth and resources.

Processing programs and apps that use resources: You want to run scripts and programs that require a lot of resources.

Your website must be hosted in a highly secure environment where no other websites share server resources.

MilesWeb is the most dependable dedicated web host on the market. 

best dedicated hosting provider

MilesWeb is an Indian web hosting company delivering the best and most trustworthy web hosting services since 2012. Among the company’s 70+ web hosting offerings are shared, reseller, VPS, cloud, WordPress, and dedicated hosting plans.

The company’s services are used by over 39,032 clients worldwide.

The most significant aspect is that their Mumbai dedicated server hosting plans from MilesWeb come with a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee.

It offers a selection of dedicated hosting packages to accommodate high website traffic.

It is one of the most reliable dedicated hosting providers, offering a wide range of hosting alternatives. With MilesWeb dedicated hosting, you get complete access to the system’s resources.

MilesWeb’s dedicated servers can be set up quickly, allowing you to get started right away.

MilesWeb is a privately owned company. They manage all hosting solutions, which means it will keep its software up to date, monitor your computer 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and respond fast if an issue develops.

MilesWeb’s Dedicated Hosting Plans

MilesWeb’s dedicated servers can meet your requirements. Using the MilesWeb easy control panel interface, you may add or delete servers, and reboot them.

The company is one of the most well-known dedicated hosting providers, offering various essential hosting options for high-traffic websites.

The dedicated hosting services provided by MilesWeb include an Intel CPU, RAM, storage, bandwidth, and a dedicated IP address.

The basic plan comes with an Intel E5-2609 2.4GHz (4 Cores) CPU, 8GB of memory, 1TB of SAS storage, 1TB of bandwidth, and 1 dedicated IP address. The most fundamental bundle is Rs. 6,999 per month. When compared to other web hosts on the market, MilesWeb offers the most resources at the lowest price.

The high-end bundle includes two Intel E5-2673 v4 3.3GHz (40 Cores + HT) CPUs, 256GB RAM, four 1.2TB SAS storage drives, five TB of bandwidth, and one dedicated IP address. The high-end plan costs you Rs. 46,999 per month.

pricing plans of milesweb hosting

MilesWeb’s Dedicated Hosting has the Following Advantages:

You may choose any control panel that you want to use. MilesWeb offers Direct Admin, cPanel WHM, and the Plesk control panel. For Linux-based websites, you can use Direct Admin or cPanel, and for Windows-based applications, you may use the Plesk control panel.

MilesWeb gives you multiple choices for selecting your operating system (OS). The company offers CentOS, compatible with Webuzo, cPanel, and Plesk. Plesk and Debian are compatible with each other. Both Webuzo and Plesk are Ubuntu-compatible. Plesk works with Windows operating systems. 

web hosting operating system

MilesWeb’s main benefit is that it delivers a bare metal server. Single-tenant dedicated Bare Metal servers provide the highest level of isolation, security, performance, and dependability. These servers are better suited to businesses that require highly efficient and effective computing for their operations and services.

MilesWeb’s Dedicated Service Hosting Plans include the following:

  • Numerous Websites Hosting
  • Root SSH Access 
  • Guaranteed High-Performance 
  • Free Installation with No Contract Reliability
  • SecurityCustomization
  • Servers with a lot of muscle are 100% devoted resources.
  • Hardware command and control

To conclude

If you wish to change the hosting type for your outgrown website, we discussed how and why dedicated server hosting from MilesWeb is the best solution. Because of all the benefits it provides, MilesWeb’s dedicated hosting is the best alternative for your high-traffic website.

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