Sony Launches a “Wearable AC” to solve sweat problem in Summer.

Ac is one of the most important parts of our life as in Asian countries summertime is pretty harsh. The need for an air conditioner is inevitable.

Reon Pocket, Sony Launches a “Wearable AC” to solve sweat problem in Summer.

However, you get it on your home, office or in cars but you can not take them when you go out in summer sun.

To solve this problem Sony comes with an innovative and crazy idea where you can use a wearable air conditioner. You can use it in almost every condition.

The name of the air conditioner is "Reon Pocket" which is recently launched by sony.

It is a very tiny and compact device which keep the user cool and sweat-free during summertime. It can also use in winter times as it can blow hot air too.

Features of Reon Pocket:

Feature-1: Wearable thermo device with innerwear:

REON POCKET is used by attaching the main body to the back pocket of the dedicated inner. The body is designed to fit around your neck when you wear innerwear, so you can directly cool or warm your neck. 

The REON POCKET mechanism makes it easy to get a cool and warm feeling because it comes into direct contact with the skin.

Dedicated storage pocket that fits the body placed on the back of the neck. Uses polyester with water absorption and quick-drying properties. Extra fine fibres are used for soft and comfortable wear.

 As it is a stretch material, the fit of the main body and the fit of wearing is good. Flat seams reduce the roughness when worn.

Feature-2: Dedicated smartphone app with excellent operability:

It can be controlled by a dedicated smartphone app through Bluetooth Technology. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

You can switch the COOL/WARM/OFF and adjust the temperature with one touch after starting the application.

The Reon Pocket is currently available in Japan only and it cost around 13,000 yen (~$122) or Rs 9,107.

You can check their official website - Here

What should be the price of this product? Let me know in the comment section.

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